$ Integrating Intersight Workload Optimizer and AppDynamics
11 March 2021

!!! please don't use this in production !!!
!!! Your IWO actions will be exposed publicly (unless you restrict them)!!!

It is possible to add a widget to your AppDynamics ...

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$ Hashicorp Vault on Kubernetes with a MySQL and Django Application
8 June 2020

Securely deploying an application in Kubernetes is just as important as using Kubernetes at all, perhaps even more.
With Kubernetes scaling and deploying applications is fully automated, meaning we need ...

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$ Stormlight Archive
30 March 2020

The Stormlight Archive is by far my favorite book at the moment and I want to recommend this book to everyone.
It is a book series that is currently being ...

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$ Welcome
30 March 2020

Hi Everyone!

Welcome on my website!
Don't expect too much, right now it's a playground for me.
I build this to play a bit with Django, Python, HTML and CSS. ...

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