Stormlight Archive

30 March 2020
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The Stormlight Archive is by far my favorite book at the moment and I want to recommend this book to everyone.
It is a book series that is currently being writing by the amazing
You might know him as the guy that has finished the last 2 books of The Wheel of Time after the passing of Robert Jordan. He is planning to write 10 books and he has already finished the first 3, book 4 is now in the 2nd draft and will be released around Christmas 2020.

These books are by far the best fantasy books out there at the moment, and that's including everything I've read so far. The action scenes are just amazing, better than any movie.
The way how he builds and develops his characters just makes you love them so much, even the bad guys.
The magic system is so smart and logical that it makes sense and really works.

I promise you won't get bored reading these books, even though the books are each 1000 pages.
He uses multiple storylines that all seem to peak at different times, keeping you engaged throughout the whole book.